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Reported Caller Name: A* P******
Hi honey I'm just driving home from work right now it's only done(?) away for business so late night. I was hoping that I could talk to you and say sorry and find out how you're feeling because I'm really working on you know understand another people feeling(?) because they don't agree with how I feel this mean that they're wrong. So because you're feeling up that doesn't mean that I should just disregard it if I'm not doing(?) that. So if you could give me a call I'd really appreciate that even if it's tomorrow but my cell phone okay day. I had Tanner spend over tired and papers-and(?) their cousin over at export kids but it's been nice having something to do during the day I think I gotta get back there early down to see meeting in the morning and Ken is not going to camp if this is going out with his cousin. So yeah come over early I'll be up for a little bit longer. I'm gonna watch that truck but I do wanna hear from you. I love you.


Nassau, NY

6/6/19, 9:33 PM

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