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Hi, this is Christina with the funding department I U S Capital Partners. I'm following up on a piece of mail. We sent your business regarding the pre, approval for a business line of credit up to $162,000 with the rate starting at a 4.9% your personal credit score. It's not a factor. This approval is based on your company's profile and Street I would like to go over the terms and rates with you before this preapproval expires. So you could reach me directly at 866-721-2863 again. My number is 866 that's 212863. I look forward to speaking with you and hope you have a blessed day.
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Hi this is Jessica calling with the Credit Department at US Capital Partners. I'm following up with you about a piece of mail we sent your business regarding a preapproval for unsecured business line of credit up to $155,000 with rates starting out a 4.9%. Your personal credit score is not a factor. This preapproval is based on your online company profile and industry. To further discuss the rates and terms. Please give me a call back as soon as possible before the preapproval expires. You can reach me directly at 866211538662115. I look forward speaking with you have a great.
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Reported Caller Name: Business Loan Spam


7/20/21, 12:17 PM

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Is this your phone number? Update your info.
been using this foe years and like it.

Have always really liked my you mail but it will not work since switching to T-Mobile.

Best visual mail ever.