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Hello, I'm calling from bio genetics laboratory. In regard to a medical inquiry you made we're trying to reach you so could you please give us a call back 727-456-9730 anyone here at the lab can help. You so please just give us a call again the number is 727-456-9730 you can also call the number on your caller I D and that will route you to us thank you so much and have a great day.
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9:37am I received a call from Bio-Genetics Lab and a message was left for me to call you back. 10:19am I called and asked politely to be removed from your list and the girl on the phone told me I COULD GO F U C K MYSELF and hung up! 10:19am I called back to speak to a supervisor and was again cussed at! 10:21am I called back a 3rd time and this girl was courteous and I asked the name of the business? She said Bio-Genetics Lab. I’m now going to post this on my Facebook page to let people know how rude your staff are to people who politely ask to be removed from your call list! This is very unprofessional and there are plenty of people looking for jobs that would be courteous compared to the first 2 employees I spoke with! My nam is Denise Crabtree and my number is 469-307-6753 and I want my number removed from your list! Thank you and have a blessed day.
Reported Caller Name: Denise Crabtree

Denise Crabtree

5/16/22, 8:43 AM

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