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This call is for ******. You should not listen to this message if you are not ****** or if other people can hear it as it does contain personal and private information. This call will continue in four seconds. This call is from Nationwide Recovery Systems. This call is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please return our call today at 817-916-8760.
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Lady called and asked for my 15 year old step son. Informed her that he is a minor, she asked if I was his mother so I explained she passed away over a year ago and that is my stepson. She rudly said she cannot discuss anything with me because I do not count and she has to talk to his mother. Going to be hard to do that but ok. I did not tell her that of course and at this point she still refused to identify herself. When she finally did, she reminded me again I'm not anything to him and then she said have a good day and hung up. Welcome to the block list lol
Reported Caller Name: nation wide recovery


6/6/18, 1:59 PM

Reported Caller Name: Nationwide recovery

A YouMail subscriber

5/15/17, 1:08 AM

Debt collector
Reported Caller Name: Nationwide Recovery Systems


10/7/16, 7:15 AM

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