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Hi this is Maggie the debt specialist with Consumer council and the record. Hi this is Maggie calling about a credit card debt options and our callback number is 866-201-6229.
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I'm with toby(?) regarding insurance in case we get disconnected my call. I'm with LBM regarding insurance in case we get disconnected my call back number is 866-200-3775.
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How are you doing? It's coordinator here with Medicare discount card. I'm with Medicare discount card. Regarding insurance my callback number is 866-201-5966.
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Harassing phone call
Reported Caller Name: Claimz debt collector


7/21/21, 10:50 AM

Hangs up
Reported Caller Name: Medicare Scam

A YouMail subscriber

6/3/21, 2:59 PM

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  • Medicare Scam: 2
  • Claimz Debt Collector: 1
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