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Hi good day this is Michelle if she has her ID number is 0400. Calling from the underwriting department of Card Member Services and you recently inquired with our department to request a lower interest rate on your existing credit card account at the time of your request we were not able to approve your request. After review of your payment and account history. I am now able to approve you for the interest rate reduction. This is a limited time offer and to complete this request you can reach me directly at 800-820-5707. Joseph found(?) restrictions this offer is only valid for three business days. Once again the phone number directly to the underwriting department is 1-800-820-5707 and this will be the only notice you received. Thank you. Hello this is Cathy calling from the underwriting department regarding your Capital One Credit Card account. Based on your recent payment activity and balance you may be eligible for an interest rate reduction to as low as 1.9%. There is additional information I need to confirm your eligibility so please return my call directly in the underwriting department at 1-800-399-0043. Once again 1-800-399-0043. This will be the only notice you received and this offer is only valid for three business days.
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Reported Caller Name: Conns Home Plus

A YouMail subscriber

2/19/21, 4:09 PM

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Is this your phone number? Update your info.
so far so good.

I got this app because taking my own phone to Verizon doesn't allow me to have a native VM app.

Not bad!