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Hi, sorry, I missed you. This is Andrew Hahn with the student loan processing department. I'm following up because there's a lot happening right now with the new year new President and since you haven't completed your student loan forgiveness application with us we really need to finish it now. So please give us a call back today at this number before 6:00 PM if you're no longer interested that's fine too just call us and let us know you're not interested. I will remove you from our follow, up list and cancel the pending application, thanks and happy holidays.
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Hi sorry I missed you this is David Reynolds with the Student Loan Health Center it's currently Wednesday December 2. Following up because there's a lot happening right now with New Year and a new Pres(?). coming up and just haven't completed your student(?) forgiveness(?) application with us. We really need to finish it now. So please give us a call back today at this number before 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. If you're not interested any more that's fine too just give us a call and let us know. I will promptly remove you from our list and cancel pending application. Thanks and happy holidays.
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Hi looks like I missed you again this is Dave at Rent a Center. Sorry to keep bothering you but we're really not sure how to handle your previous request regarding the student loan payments and forget the program. You started the application a while back we never got the required documents so it's still in a pending status. However you wanna proceed with this fine(?) but if you still wanna enroll in a forgiveness program we're gonna need you to call us back at this number today and I know everything might be crazy with the election and the lock downs but we also if you to miss out on these programs that they go away so if you're not interested you can even call the same number and just press two to opt out of future calls and we'll cancel the application. Okay. Thanks and have a great day.


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Is this your phone number? Update your info.
Android has no native voicemail handling.

What ?????.

Extremely well done app.

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