(323) 839-6456

Los Angeles, CA US
Name: L***
Location: Los Angeles, CA US
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(323) 839-6456

Updated: 4/20/17 9:40 PM

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A YouMail subscriber says...

4/20/17 9:40 PM

Name is lisa she was in boston but the phone was burbank.hard to tell if she is the person listed she is known to lie about alot of things. She needs help and i was trying to help her but she stopped answering after six yesrs of talking every day. If anyone has information on her please help me find her.she was raised in northern calif and said she was in boston but her number was burbank. She was from a uper income family may have been molested by her neighbor and a friend of her dad at a young age went to rehab two times for sexual addiction which came from abuse as a child.she said it was and then said no.xads friend is a journalist.dad is engineer the number came from her dads work. She had it for six yrs.im worried about her.i have not heard from her since jan we talked every day and she vanished. I want to know she is ok how can i find out

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