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Hi, this is Lisa with the warranty department. The reason I'm calling you to remind you that we sent you a final warning notice in the mail letting you know that the warranty on your vehicle as it's tired and this is a final call for you to renew the warranty before we close would you like to hear your options about getting your car back under coverage. Okay. Great, I just need to ask a few questions to see if we can still get your. Excellent is everything running on your vehicle fantastic. It looks like we're going to be able to help you out today. I'm gonna grab and resources on the line and we'll go over all the program options with you hold on just a moment be. Thanks for holding all of our coverage specialist or press nothing other got your call I.
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Robo call from Fitness World Club
Reported Caller Name: +13182259792


5/25/18, 12:28 PM

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