(312) 386-7439 High Risk

Rouge debt-collection scam. “Portfolio Recovery Services” (or someone claiming to be calling on their behalf) calling about alleged debts. Whether these a-holes are the real P.R.S. or just another boiler-room bill-boy claiming to be them doesn’t really matter since neither one is a legitimate bill-collector anyway. They both buy up old expired, or bogus accounts for pennies on the dollar, and thus have no actual legal recourse against anyone who knows their rights under the law. They have been sued more times than Harvey Winestien and have about half his sense of professional ethics, so don’t waste your Sunday manners on these scum, just cuss them out and hang up. Do not forward any messages or give any info Hang up and block.

Mr, B.

5/16/18 1:13 PM

Reported Caller Name: Lane Bryant


3/8/18 3:17 PM

Debt collector scammer
Reported Caller Name: Portfolio Recovery


2/28/18 6:26 PM

Portfolio Recovery
Reported Caller Name: CHI


Providence, RI

2/8/18 8:09 AM

Portfolio Recovery Debt Collection left a message for me.
Reported Caller Name: Portfolio Recovery Debt Collection


2/2/18 3:54 PM

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