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Hello this is Sen. John boseman tonight I was calling to invite you to participate in a live town Hall meeting conducted over the telephone and give you the opportunity to ask questions you may have about legislative debates under Wayne Washington. I'm sorry that I missed you. I'll be talking with our candidates for the next hour should you wish to participate please dial 888-400-1986. To join the call. Should you have any questions following the telephone town hall please contact my Washington DC office at 202-224-4843. Also if you'd like to receive some important updates about my work for Arkansas I encourage you to visit my website which is www.bozeman.senate.gov. Thank you and have a good evening.
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Reported Caller Name: BEACH CA LONG
Welcome to my free telephone town hall meeting which is in progress now. If you prefer not to receive this article(?) in the future please press two on your keypad now. Thank you. Should you have any questions please contact the Community assessors(?) office at 713-455-8104. You are joining a live conference already in progress. Please be aware that your local phone company may leave your line open for up to 32 seconds after you leave the conference. If you would like to ask the speaker a question. Please press zero.


3/28/19, 11:10 AM

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