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Our private lenders have lowered their requirements for loan qualification. Your application is been reviewed by our largest lenders and you are now preapproved for our highest gold level of $1500 to collect your funds. Simply press one now. Again press one now to receive your preapproved loan. If you would like to decline this loan please press nine and you'll be taken off of our list.
Evan team. Hello you have recently shown an interest in a payday loan as of May 2017. Our lenders changed their loan requirements you are now preapproved for a loan of up to $1500 new pay USA.com is an American based company that only deals with license lenders. All funds are sent to your bank account within 24 hours to receive your loan for up to $1500. Simply go to. To receive your loan for up to $1500. Simply go to www.newpayusa.com and type in your preapproval code of 2232. Congratulations again from New Pay USA.com.
BLOCK! Tries to boost your ego and make you feel lucky by saying you're really lucky to be qualifying for this super loan and like you're a fancy member or whatever. I'm sure there is some catch or that the whole thing is a scam so block it.
Reported Caller Name: "Qualify for a Large Payday Loan!" Spam


5/19/17 10:25 AM

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