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Griffithsville, WV US
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Hey it's Emily. I was hoping that if I called at a different time I would catch you but I did send a couple of emails and I left a message last week regarding that pending approval we have for your business rates for July are right around 4% and we can fund up to $1 million if you qualify and have a need that size. Give me a call back today I plan on hanging around for a while. Love to go over the details with you and see if it's a good fit. Thanks and we'll talk to you and hopefully.
Typical Message
Hi it's Emily. I'm just following up on the email that I sent regarding additional funding for your business. We actually have a special program going on. We are offering 4% to celebrate 4 July. Give me a call back we'll go over the rates and terms and yeah catch up in a bit. Thanks.
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CONSTANT calls from an Emily about a business loan. I have blocked every single number that she calls from and I still get calls this is just one of the numbers.
Reported Caller Name: Emily


7/30/19, 12:47 PM

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