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Hey Leslie my name is Chris I'm calling from Continental credit. Wanted to see if I can reach you sir first people for Credit repair way back when I know that you and our company kinda fell out of touch with each other I guess just wanted to see if there's something that we can do to kinda win your business back and help you get a loan close this year. You know it's actually a lot easier to work with us these days. We partnered up with aqua fax for example so that we can generate credit reports for the click of a button and it makes it way easier to update you and the people that were working with and some great news for conversion rate if you wanna give me a call or shoot me an email I'm in the office five days a week and we would love to hear from you. My phone number and I'll send that your email address but 303-339-7056 ext. 610. That's 303-339-7056 ext. 610. Take care.


Perris, CA

9/7/18 11:38 AM

Not spam company is a credit repair paid service. Working with them.
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A YouMail subscriber

Toledo, OH

11/8/18 11:26 AM

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