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Hi this is Mark adler(?) the service director at West IKEA. I noticed you've missed several recommended scheduled maintenance visits for your vehicle. If you no longer own your vehicle or have moved away please contact us at 281-392-3200. So we can update our records. Thank you for your time and have a.
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Hi this is Mark adler(?) the service director at West Side Kia with a friendly reminder our records indicate that you missed your recommended schedule maintenance. Kia advises following it's maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle running in peak condition. If I can answer any questions regarding the maintenance schedule. Please call me at 281-392-3200. Have a great.
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Reported Caller Name: Scheduling Reminder
This message is this message is for Steven. I'm calling in regards to your 2018 Chevy Silverado. If you still on this me a call I have some very important information I would like to share with you about it. Please give me a call back at 281-392-3200. Thank you.

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Houston, TX

7/9/19, 2:13 PM

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