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Not a spammer; they're with Goldsmith Shipman School and somehow got my number and leave me all kinds of voicemails about the school. Here's the voicemail: "Good afternoon parents of Goldsmith Shipman students this is ***. ***** that we just a quick safety reminder. Please remember that student should not walk through the teacher parking lot to the left of the school unattended instead of dropping off or picking up here or parking in the neighboring subdivision that require students to walk to the parking lot. Please park in an open parking space at the school and walk them to and or from the front of the building. This is a very high traffic area and is not safe for the students to use as a thorough-fare(?) unattended. Also remember that dropping off and picking up through our car line is also a safer option. We really appreciate your help with us we just wanna make sure that everyone gets to school and home safely. Have a great evening. To hear this message again press one or dial "
Reported Caller Name: G******** S****** S***** N*********** L***


6/27/17, 10:50 AM

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  • G******** S****** S***** N*********** L***: 1
  • H** H*** S*****: 1
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