Federal law has designated this matter as a confidential notice for Donald cayenne. If this is not Donald green(?) please hang up now. If this is Donald cayenne please continue listening to this message. Hello I have been advised to give you a final call concerning the matter here we have not heard from you as of yet. It is still possible to find a resolution before our client turns to alternate means. Please understand that failure to respond will result in exactly back it's a privately(?) you have not called and I am reaching out to you because your public record indicates that you not the type of person to let negligence exactly(?) the matter control the outcome and again based on your public record we do believe that you are in a position to call and allow us to help you. I know that this is not good news but please consider this as an opportunity to find a solution. Our client has given us authorization to resend the process you need to call 218-208-2624. Again the phone number is 218-208-2624. Handle your matter online at www.directrecoveryservices.com under the pay icon to log in please use account number 111380902 and ZIP Code 75116.
This is not a high risk call. This is a collection call that falls under the FOTI message pursuant to collection best practices. It is not spam to collect a debt.


2/13/18 8:16 AM

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