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And insurance card to the upcoming appointment at Carl(?) on Monday 4 November 7:00am. Be prepared to pay any co-pay coinsurance or deductible and any outstanding balance. If you have any additional test or appointments scheduled. Please follow the instructions given to you when the appointment was made. If you need to cancel or change this appointment please call our office between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm at 217-359-4549. My Carl our new patient web portal provides secure online access to your medical information at anytime day or night. Register for in my Carl account by requesting your access code at any Carl physician group location dealer demo of my Carl at Carl's.org forward slash my car all once again a member of your household has an appointment at Carl on Monday 4 November 7:00am Carl appreciate this opportunity to serve you. To hear this message again press one to exit press two.

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10/31/19, 12:48 PM

Automated Dr. Appointment message.


11/15/18, 10:12 PM

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