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Reported Caller Name: I***** ???
I'm calling to let you know I am sending your things today with the tow company. I don't have the key to your truck so I am packing everything in a cardboard box I'm gonna tape it up and I'll put it in the back of the truck. You need to get it I'm not responsible if they get stolen off of your property. I've had enough my family has had enough my parents have had enough my friend have had enough what you're doing to me is not right a man who loves a woman she would marry her he would move the relationship forward. He wouldn't do what you're doing to me you haven't grown up. You're still a kid you need maybe another five years before you actually get married to somebody. I don't have that type of time to waste. And the fact that you can't man up and take me seriously. One minute you tell me you're coming the next minute you tell me you don't wanna be with me. So I'll just go ahead and make the decision for us from here on out. We don't need to contact one another but the phone line will be transfer over tomorrow I would have love to do it today. I can't I don't have any money right now I get paid tomorrow so that's already been taken care of your clothes and everything will be sent to you. You need to get it off of the truck. I am not responsible if something is missing or lost because you're too busy sleeping all day and don't wanna pick it up.


Arlington, TX

9/10/19, 11:02 AM

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