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Los Angeles, CA US
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Hey it's Kate. I don't wanna bug. I know you're busy business owner just trying to catch you at the right time. I did send over a couple of emails about that pending approval I have regarding funding for your business. Again just a reminder I do have some rates as low as 3.9% confined up to $1 million. We move pretty quickly to get you funded in as little as one to two days. If you move at the same pace as I do. Again happy to go over some of the details if you give me a call back won't take up too much your time. Again this is Kate. Thanks so much and have a great day.
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Got the same message listed on this site already, definitely a scam! Sounds like a normal person, but clearly scam material.
Reported Caller Name: “Kate”


3/30/19 6:00 PM

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