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Reported Caller Name: A****** C* L**
Hello this message is for Cathy your ... to-reach-abou(?) which is your ... ms(?). ... yet(?) I'll be up there unless she gave(?) the name and number as an additional contact just in case that we're able to reach her that is the reason of my call unfortunately I've not been able to have any contact with her directly. So if not must-ask(?). Can you please forward this message to her know that it's important that she returns a call. The number is rested-in(?) the caller ID as soon as possible. My name is Mary the information I have for him. It's very important information for not to leave(?) a message I don't heard if this information already her to do just to call me back to the number 888-870-5806 like today before 9:00 PM thank you. Bye bye.

A YouMail subscriber

Burbank, CA

1/18/19 5:13 PM

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