(206) 708-2849

Seattle, WA US
Name: O******* P*******
Company: O******* P*******
Location: Seattle, WA US
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(206) 708-2849

Updated: 8/2/17 3:13 PM

Status Working number as of 1/27/14

Reports as Spam 338

Reports as Not Spam 15

Calls Blocked by YouMail 4.9K

FCC Reports 136

FTC Reports 3.4K

Third Party Reports 16
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Ziggydog00 reported as spam and says...

7/25/17 9:10 AM

Illegal pharmacy
Reported Caller Name: Illegal Pharmacy

Ratata reported as spam and says...

6/20/17 2:50 PM

Seems very much like spam. Voicemail said: "Good morning. Have you considered selling your business. If so we can bring you a motivated buyer for it.We can also provide a free business valuation so you can find out how much a motivated buyer would pay for your business. We maintain strict confidentiality and all it takes is a quick call to find out how we can help you. For more details go ahead and press one now. Just let us know the best time to call and we'll contact you for a free consultation. Again to find a motivated buyer for your business. Press one now to be removed from the calling list automatically just press nine. Thank you and have a good day."
Reported Caller Name: Business Purchase Offer

tfessler reported as spam and says...

5/25/17 5:58 AM

Business work from home scam

kopster reported as spam and says...

5/19/17 8:36 AM

Reported Caller Name: Spam

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

5/16/17 8:30 AM

Charity call
Reported Caller Name: Breast Cancer Foundation

OhHowIHateSpammers reported as spam and says...

6/27/15 1:29 PM

Scammer/spammer; see http://www.mycallbot.com/numbers/2067082849.

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