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They just called me at 3:45 on a Sunday morning . Idiots.


1/20/19 3:00 AM

Phishing using apple phone numbers

A YouMail subscriber

1/20/19 1:58 AM

Costco visa fraud system

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 10:47 PM

Called twice at 12:35 AM.


1/19/19 9:53 PM

eight(?) in our best resort. For further details press zero now. If you don't wish to receive any additional offers. Press two now.

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 9:12 PM

Called twice today within 5 minutes. I refused to answer. Left no message. I have gotten at least two calls a day for the last week. My phone automatically screens scam calls for me. So I don't waste any time answering my phone for calls/scammers like this.

Tired of the calls

1/19/19 9:12 PM

Hi this is Brad from Brian Hodge and it’s very important that you give me a call at 603-288-0282 regarding your account I'll be in the office until 9 PM do give me a call 603-288-0282 thank you…”


1/19/19 8:54 PM

Health Ins. sales call
Hi this is Carly. I'm calling because there's still time to secure a better rate for your 2019 health insurance coverage. We make it easy for you and your family to sign up get access to any doctor or hospital of your choice. That's right full PDL access. So give me a call and I'll help you find a great plan starting at just $149 per month. Call 888-869-1221 that's 888-869-1221 to take advantage of this limited open enrollment period. That's 888-869-1221. Thank you and have a healthy day.

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 8:49 PM

The FBI uses dummy phone numbers that appear to be from businesses. They will call you because they were unable to charge with an allegation against you. They use FBI informants they call you and then state that you authorized them to access your personal information. Sometimes the informants will steal from you. They stole or $1500 from my bank account, broke into my home multiple times and at one point sexual assaulted me. DO NOT ANSWER.


1/19/19 8:47 PM

Chinese robocall
Why don't you want you can show your Dunkin careful when you pull tricky as well? Could you could eat so you call me and Country? Yeah you sent in El Cajon pass on to William can show that is hunting can't you can't you know Duncan careful when you pull.

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 8:22 PM



1/19/19 8:14 PM

Selling used duct work
Your air duct system to improve your air quality and will also inspect your dryer vent and furnace to make sure they function efficiently. To take advantage of this one time offer just press zero now and stay on the line. To be removed from this list. Please press nine.


1/19/19 7:57 PM

Foreign language robocall
Yo you from glen-james-hall(?) meeting to see if you guys jump on to temple(?) and I didn't see lucy(?) Jenkins has been seeing-on(?) ...

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 7:36 PM

They called me at night and left a voicemail. It was a woman who said she was with "" and "needed people in my area to work with Amazon from home" She mentioned the starting pay was $27.50 and I could sign up at their website. I have received a similar message from other numbers that mention other websites. It is a scam call/scam employment call.


1/19/19 7:35 PM

To your account before the next billing cycle. If you received your new rates by mail and wish not to be contacted press three. Congratulations on your excellent payment history. You now qualify for a 0% interest rate on all your credit card accounts. This is a limited time offer and you must respond immediately. Press one now to speak to our qualification department and complete the enrollment process.


1/19/19 7:23 PM

Medic alert bracelet scam
I've been trying to reach you about getting your free medical alert bracelet or pendant and I'm sure you already know that one out of five devices save a life everyday. So I'm really glad I was able to reach you and we know how urgent it is for someone who has a medical condition or is simply home alone to have this life saving device with them at all times and that's why we are committed to helping as many people as we can get this device. So are you interested in hearing the details on how we can get you or a loved one a free medical alert device today.


1/19/19 6:49 PM

The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number for criminal activities. So when you get the message kindly call back at the earliest possible on our number that is 443-478-3967. When I called that number it was busy for many hours. Then many hours later it rang without any voice mail. I don't know if it is legit and it really had me worried. I have nothing that could relate to the call.


1/19/19 6:37 PM

Car Warranty Scam
Declined. You should have received a letter in the mail concerning the expiring cars warranty. Without a response you may lose your option to extend your cars warranty. This is a final courtesy call before your file is closed and your option is declined to speak with a specialist now about your options. Press two to be removed and put on our do not call list press one to speak with a warranty specialist about reinstatement for extending your cars warranty. Again press one to speak with a warranty specialist.

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 6:30 PM

Amazon Job Offer
Hi I'm calling with retail We need people in your area to work with them done from home. Starting pay is $27.50 an hour. Sign [email protected] that's retail

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 6:29 PM

I am receiving 20 + phone messages daily from quite a few different numbers. Same message. 13 seconds long. Three weeks now. You are welcome to check my blocked numbers. Their are alot. Call anytime if you have any questions. William Rocke

A YouMail subscriber

1/19/19 5:43 PM

Robocall Scams

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