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Pushy sales guy. Wouldn't shut up. I had to hang up on him, which is not like me.


4/20/18 5:29 AM



4/20/18 2:19 AM

Another repetitive message in Chinese...


4/19/18 11:03 PM

HERE IS THE TRANSCRIBED MESSAGE: Hello my name is Ms. Allen. This important message is intended for _____. I have a fax order delivery scheduled for _____. We have made several attempts to reach you. We will make one final attempt at your place of employment and or your residence regarding the proper delivery of this documentation to schedule an alternate location. Please call 866-381-8024. Again that's 866-381-8024 regarding this matter.


4/19/18 10:34 PM

Scammers for game debt
Hi Sarah my name is Jim with PHO and Associates have this is contact number for Josh Jones making effort to reach Josh Jones at all the numbers he provided. If you know this party have Josh return the call his issue 714-276-0742 and if this is the wrong number wrong information call me back so I can remove your number. 714-276-0742 have a great day.


4/19/18 10:25 PM

Tail end of message asking me to press 9 to get taken off the call list. Yeah, right.
Further details press one now to be placed on the do not call list press two now.


4/19/18 10:09 PM

Trying to sell something.
An all inclusive complimentary stay. For further details press one now to be placed on the do not call list press two now.


4/19/18 9:36 PM

Spanish language spammer
Tres días. Si desea evitarlo. Presione uno de lo contrario presione dos.


4/19/18 8:10 PM

Spanish language spammer


4/19/18 8:09 PM

Cellular security
And I'm calling you today as we are giving away up to 20 cellular home security systems in your area absolutely free. And we are also updating all of the old outdated land line systems to wireless video systems again absolutely free. Because I don't know if you know but Steve have learned that by cutting the phone lines outside of your home. It will disable your outdated alarm system and study show that one in 17 homes are being broken into every single day so it doesn't sound like something you're interested in. My apologies I didn't hear that last part does sound like something you're interested in. Does this sound like something you're interested in. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


4/19/18 7:39 PM



4/19/18 7:36 PM

Other numbers   303-255-5045   614-212-7505   614-212-7550   614-729-6034   614-729-6040   614-754-4131   913-563-5504


4/19/18 7:20 PM

Remodeling and flooring contractor


4/19/18 7:16 PM

Calls at least twice a day..never any message.


4/19/18 7:09 PM

Sirius Radio


4/19/18 7:03 PM

Calls then hangs up leaves no message


4/19/18 7:00 PM

the recording above is EXACTLY what she says.

alex smith

4/19/18 6:56 PM

Your benefits and more. Press one to accept and do want to receive text messages. Press two to decline and do not want to receive text messages you can press one or two at any time during this message. We sent between one to five text a month and message and data rates might apply. You can always opt back out after receiving the message. By replying stop our privacy statement is online at and our customer service toll free line is 1-800-707-6453. If you have questions about this message in please call us and reference text message bubble call. Have a great day. Goodbye.


4/19/18 6:51 PM



4/19/18 6:50 PM



4/19/18 6:41 PM

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