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He spams you


11/23/17 8:29 PM



11/23/17 8:28 PM

Hacking my accounts


11/23/17 8:13 PM

This is an automated calling system. I have repeatedly asked them not to call me. They always say they will take me off their list, but I still get calls from this company 3 to 4 times a day. Every day.
To reach you in regards with your loan application which has been successfully approved by our company for up to $8000 and for that we have also sent you your loan approval agreement on your email so please check it and give us a call back on our customer service number which is 415-251-9681. I repeat 415-251-9681. Again this message is for you and this call is from Prosper Loan Service. Thank you and have a great day.


11/23/17 8:01 PM

Vacation Spam
No I'm with travel promotions and I'm calling today with some exciting news for you. One of our partners is celebrating their 50th anniversary of providing America with the ultimate dream vacations and we're so excited that we're celebrating by giving away three night VIP vacation getaways to the first 100 qualified Travelers and all we ask in return is that you tell your friends and family about the wonderful time you had. You could do that right great. We'll stay at one of our starting properties of your choice of magical Orlando Cancun South Florida famous Daytona Beach Hilton Head Island Myrtle Beach or any one of our other vacation hot spots and wherever you go you'll enjoy world class accommodations on us. So just have a few questions to make sure that you qualify and it will only take a second then I can have you speak to the vacation specialist will go over the details and answer any questions you may have. Okay. Oh I'm so sorry I just didn't hear that last part. I just have a few questions just to make sure that you qualify and then I can have you speak to a vacation specialist will go over the details with you. Is that okay. I just have a few questions just to make sure that you qualify. Is that okay. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


11/23/17 7:18 PM

Real good mechanic and very nice man


11/23/17 7:16 PM

Frequent calls no voice.


11/23/17 7:04 PM

Spoke blasphemous words
Yes hello Ms. Gina this is Mrs. Joyce. I would like to wish you Happy Thanksgiving and I found your business cards and also no-phone(?) number for Maria from Kumar. I would like if you'll pass her the best wishes from my heart. Happy Thanksgiving. My name is also Mario the same spelling(?) the different pronunciation. I always remember about kind heart and professional this is Maria from Cuba. She was preaching to me also the were(?) ... from-calamity(?) revelation God bless you. I was tell you all Jehovah witness all this-note(?) know I was staying in a shelter with ... jehovah-with-nash-ogo-club(?). She was not thomas-no(?) she was not(?) ... also from-what(?) Mr. lucy-left(?) work know-who-it(?) and who I don't know if this no-the-most-of-them(?) people and it's not fair it's not drama(?) but anyway please say hello to him this is Maria from Cuba. Like her so much. God bless you. I will call you during the day during(?) weekdays. I don't like to interrupt your Thanksgiving dinner. Mr. Jim and Joyce.


11/23/17 6:08 PM

Calling on behalf of Kay County. Scam
This message is for Wayne Bradley this is Kendra with Aberdeen calling on behalf of Kay County. Please return my call. Our number is 1-800-945-1305. Thank you.


11/23/17 5:51 PM

spam, now in espanol!


11/23/17 5:40 PM

utility company scam caller pretending to be my electric company


11/23/17 5:36 PM

just another police charity scam


11/23/17 5:32 PM

buncha spammers wasting my time


11/23/17 5:27 PM

fakers pretending to be the IRS


11/23/17 5:24 PM

telling me that I won some grant money. obvious scam.


11/23/17 5:21 PM

You need to be aware that the new office going into effect in October favor the credit card companies and make it much tougher on consumers and to make matters worse the major banks have just doubled your minimum payment requirements but there is something you can do about it. The good news is that you're now eligible to lower your interest rates on all your major credit cards which will save thousands of dollars a year to qualify you need at least $2500 in debt and have at least one account in good standing. But you must act now before your eligibility expires. Please consider this your final notice. Press one to lower your interest rates to lower your interest rates press one now.


11/23/17 5:19 PM

HSBC owned by Capital One or something


11/23/17 5:16 PM

student loan forgiveness crap


11/23/17 5:09 PM

some google voice spam


11/23/17 5:07 PM

solar panel sales call


11/23/17 5:02 PM

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