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This is from the Cash app by Square. It is a legitimate online merchant account that allows acceptance of credit cards.


6/6/20, 5:39 PM



6/6/20, 5:36 PM

Don?t know this person, Don?t know how she got my number?


6/6/20, 5:08 PM

Spam call. Did not answer


6/6/20, 4:56 PM

This scammer should have been intercepted from even leaving messages! Calls every single day. Also reported to
Our server has detected some suspicious activities on your Apple account. Please do not use your Apple account and to speak with any Apple support representative. Please refrain from using any financial activities on your Apple devices. In order to speak with any Apple support representative right now press one.

A YouMail subscriber

6/6/20, 4:53 PM


A YouMail subscriber

6/6/20, 4:15 PM

Not spam
Hello my name is brenda(?) I'm calling from Island Auto Mall. We saw that you inquired about Mercedes Benz E3 hundred we have available please give us a call back at 516-265-7665 thank you.

A YouMail subscriber

6/6/20, 3:52 PM

Several attempts to stop these text messages from the Keto diet website I canceled a plan thru them and they keep texting me several times a week to sign up for a different diet plan

A YouMail subscriber

6/6/20, 3:25 PM

Credit card scams


6/6/20, 3:06 PM

Credit card
Your existing(?) credit card accounts. Thanks to your good payment history and good credit score. We have been qualified finally for interest rate reduction 22025%. Several attempts to reach you. This is your final courtesy call before we are unable to lower your interest rates. So press one now.


6/6/20, 2:54 PM

Beware...robocaller? Doesnt seem legit
Hello this is Billy from renovation by design. Actually I'm calling you about a property I think you own. If you are interested in selling that then you can contact me back. Thank you.

A YouMail subscriber

6/6/20, 2:51 PM

Worls For My hisband


6/6/20, 2:49 PM

Called left message said in a really gruff voice to call back about a disconnection of service duke energy. The name Sheri Nolting came up caller I’d I tried to call back it went to voice mail with woman’s voice. I’m not at all impressed and will post here


6/6/20, 2:45 PM



6/6/20, 2:28 PM

You called call I mean I know it was only know I'm asking money saving(?) money in the back up.


6/6/20, 2:22 PM

This number keeps calling me. No voices on the other end. I usually answer the call on mute and dont answer with hello. Seems to be Automated spam call for sure.


6/6/20, 2:18 PM

A robocall from UN-known - opinion poll scam - A search shows this number to be from Montgomery, AL. A land line using AT&T CORP. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.


6/6/20, 2:12 PM

Says it is Tim to check our service?just text address
Hi my name is Tim I'm with you and Service. I've got a message to give you a call about a ETA to your home for your check on your system and I was gonna here in the next call on my list. So as soon as I get done with the call that I'm on I will be headed your direction. If this is will be an inconvenience time just give us me give me a call at 205-580-3265. My name is Tim and I'm with you in service. Thank you. Bye bye.

A YouMail subscriber

6/6/20, 2:02 PM

Left a voice message "Hi this is Anthony give me a call back at 702-728-3233" that was all he said quickly and very upbeat like you are suppose to know him. I didn't call back.


6/6/20, 1:59 PM

Car warranty spam
To speak with someone about possibly extending or reinstating your cars warranty. Again press one to speak with a warranty specialist.

A YouMail subscriber

6/6/20, 1:55 PM

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