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9/22/17 4:17 AM

battlefield Ford
Hi this is Vicky with Battlefield Ford. I'm actually reaching out because I have a customer that's looking for a vehicle like the one that you're driving and I was hoping you'd be willing to sell it. My manager(?) actually approve me to over pay you so I can get this deal done if possible could you call me back right away. It's urgent that I speak with you again my name is Vicky and my number is 540-613-5743. Again that's 540-613-5743. Thanks so much I look forward to speaking with you bye bye.


9/22/17 3:42 AM

Machine telemarketing
Free medical alert bracelet or pendants(?) and I'm sure you already know that one out of five devices saves a life every day so I'm really glad I was able to reach you and we know how urgent it is for someone who has a medical condition or simply home alone to have this life saving device with them at all times and that's why we are committed to helping as many people as we can get this device. Are you interested in hearing the details on how we can get you or a loved one a free medical alert device today. My apologies I didn't hear you clearly. Are you interested in hearing the details on how we can get you or a loved one a free medical alert device today. Are you interested in hearing the details on how we can get you or loved one a free medical alert device today. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


9/22/17 3:33 AM

You're being notified of a claim in our office that is being filed against you. We'll be verifying your current address as well as place of employment for delivery of the proper documentation at this time it is your legal right to contact the office directly at 844-232-9048. Again that is 844-232-9048 or press one to be connected immediately. This will serve as an official and final notification by phone.


9/22/17 3:18 AM

Said they were with United Airlines and also with American Airlines...SCAM


9/22/17 2:46 AM

Asking for money and drugs


9/22/17 12:56 AM



9/21/17 11:09 PM



9/21/17 10:30 PM



9/21/17 10:23 PM

Lee automall Car dealership


9/21/17 9:40 PM

It is a robo caller
Well hello this is Bishop Hilda thank you for taking my call. I'm calling to invite you to see our live TV special tonight on the impact network on Facebook live and it'll be live stream as well I on Max life TV the show is entitled maximizing your potential and it will be promoting the upcoming 2017 strategist con conference right here in Houston. You know October 17 at the 20th those are the dates for the strategist conference Cixi and yes we're going to have the conference to have a cane(?) cannot stop us. Nothing's gonna stop us. We had a great conference the year that Katrina came down as it were as so you know we're gonna have a great time this year. I hope by now you registered and have taken advantage of the early registration but if not hey listen go on and register right away. Now the show tonight maximize your potential on the impact network Facebook live stream at Max life RTV will start promptly at 7:00 PM 7:00 PM at today at 7:00 PM Central Daylight Time. I will be 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Remember if you are an this if you are not part of our alumni class you've been to the conference before you can register after you register. You can register absolutely free for another past and the leadership group who has never attended the conference. I know that this conference will be special this year and tonight's live television special will show you what to do to maximize your potential alright somebody else about this testimonial live production on maximizing your potential by the grace of God. The time is tonight 7:00 PM Central Daylight Time 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. It'll be only impact network. It'll be on Facebook lobby(?) it'll be on Max life RTV. It'll be live listen you want to see this.


9/21/17 9:12 PM

Scammed 250 from elderly dad and tried another 300 by a magic jack virus


9/21/17 9:01 PM

Scammed 250 from elderly dad and tried another 300 by a magic jack virus


9/21/17 9:00 PM

spam continues to call even with a block on this number. Never left msg from 1st time they called.


9/21/17 8:43 PM

Just want too


9/21/17 8:21 PM



9/21/17 7:42 PM

Alkaline water delivery service


9/21/17 7:40 PM

College Loans Spam


9/21/17 7:36 PM

Robo Call regarding medical alert
Last don't be a statistic. Press one now to receive a medical alarm at no cost. Press one now or press nine to opt out.


9/21/17 7:19 PM

irs scam, but it is funny to listen to.
Or that we have a reply. We are calling you from the Legal Department of the Internal Revenue Service. The reason of this call is to make you aware that we have received against your name where you are being listed as a primary suspect and your house is under surveillance(?) so do not disregard this message and call us back as soon as possible on 301-799-8537. I repeat it's 301-799-8537. Remember delay in calling us back on the end ending(?) for legal prosecution for you. Thank you.


9/21/17 7:02 PM

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