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Shawn Hall cell phone


3/22/18 10:39 PM

Huge player ladies


3/22/18 10:22 PM

Health insurance spam
Center even though open enrollment has concluded we still offer ACA compliant plans in order to avoid the tax penalty if you're interested, please press one if not please press 9 to be placed on the Do, Not Call list.


3/22/18 8:45 PM

100% Scam Call


3/22/18 8:35 PM

Robo call.
Security number is going to be suspend for committing some suspicious and fraudulent activities in the State of Texas. So to find out more information kindly contact to our office number 347-708-0194. I repeat ti's 347-708-0194. Thank you.


3/22/18 8:23 PM

Credit card scam


3/22/18 8:20 PM

Sales Call
Air duct system to remove dust dirt and other contaminants we will also include a free dryer vent cleaning. We use state of the art equipment like airbrush tools and air webs to scrub your ventilation system throughout the cleaning process we will take photos to ensure that you have received the best service possible air duct cleaning insures that you were breathing good quality air and assist with your AC efficiency. Please press 1 to make an appointment today, or press 2 to be removed.


3/22/18 8:19 PM

just background noise


3/22/18 7:57 PM

Insurance Telemarketer
Hi this is GM calling from Farmers Insurance and we would like to offer you free simple tools(?) for free home auto or life insurance. Please feel free to call our office if you're interested for sample code 510-662-1329 or 510-315-8785 thank you.


3/22/18 7:53 PM

incessant calls


3/22/18 7:37 PM

They prey on seniors.


3/22/18 7:17 PM



3/22/18 7:15 PM

They act as though they are calling about your Medicaid or Social Security income. They prey on seniors.


3/22/18 7:15 PM

They pose as AT&T and ask for your social security number and bank pin!
Dear AT&T wireless customer you our account has been suspended for verification 2 reactivate your account press one to be transferred over to a representative press 2.


3/22/18 7:12 PM

Calling to' help' with credit cards and debt. Twice now.
There's no problems currently with your account. It's urgent however that you contact us immediately concerning your eligibility for lowering your interest rates. Press one now. Your eligibility expires today consider this your final notice. Press one to be connected with a live operator.


3/22/18 6:59 PM

Claims I earned points for a vacation. I never even heard of these people.
Us or at our partner resorts in the past and you earned enough points to get you an amazingly drastically discounted vacation. So I'm just gonna give you all the details really quick is that okay. Well you have been selected for a weeks vacation to Orlando Florida right next to Disney and you will also get a three day two night stay on a beach in the Bahamas where we will also provide you with the cruise to get you to the island and back. Now this promotion will be given to you at a resort employee rate which has never been done before and you and your family will get an entire vacation for 75% off the retail rate and you can choose your travel dates anytime within the next 18 months and if that wasn't great enough qualified Travelers will receive a complementary bonus gift as well. So I just need to ask a few questions to see if you qualify. Okay. Oh I'm so sorry I just didn't hear that last part I just need to ask you a few questions to see if you qualify. Is that okay. I just need to ask a few questions to see if you qualify. Okay. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


3/22/18 6:26 PM

Robo call


3/22/18 6:25 PM

I've had several calls from this number trying to tell me they're trying to lower my credit card limit or interest sorry I don't have a credit card LOL
Reach you this is your final courtesy call before we are unable to lower your credit card interest rate press 1 to speak to the member services department or press 2 and your eligibility to lower your rate will expire.


3/22/18 6:20 PM

Call center


3/22/18 6:15 PM



3/22/18 6:08 PM

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