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Air duct cleaning service robo call


7/23/19, 11:16 AM

You can afford and we make it hassle free to sign up. We have pre-approvals ready in your area including Signa Blue Cross Etna United and many more. Press # to get a hassle free assessment or press star if you're not interested. Thanks for your time and be healthy and bless.


7/23/19, 11:15 AM

something about a civil case. No such thing since i haven't received anything by mail


7/23/19, 11:12 AM

Same here. warrant for my arrest


7/23/19, 11:10 AM

Actially paypal

A YouMail subscriber

7/23/19, 11:06 AM

Texted "Hello and Good Day! T his is Nicole, I just wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested in getting an offer on your property at XXXX Road Name?"


7/23/19, 11:04 AM

They called me twice. I did not answer. I never answer anybody's calls anymore. They are ruining cell phones just as they ruined land lines. Maybe we should swing from trees once again and farm, hunt and porridge. Its just not worth it to have a phone any more. I stopped service with AT&T because there is no point in my paying for a phone just to have scammers and sales people use it exclusively.

John Swiss

7/23/19, 10:57 AM

Been properly on Google search engine. This could be resulting in consumers in your area who are looking for the products and/or services you provide to be unable to find your business. Please press one to be quickly connected with one of our customer service representatives and find out the status of your listing. Or press nine to be put on our company's do not call list and we will remove you from our business development monitoring services. Thank you.

A YouMail subscriber

7/23/19, 10:50 AM

I have gotten calls from this organization more than once, it is an obvious scam call and even though blocked they can leave a voice mail. A state attorney general should be investigating these folks it appears they operate out of Ga.


7/23/19, 10:49 AM

Board our nationwide PPO plans are currently accepting enrollment for a hassle free quote press eight to speak to a licensed insurance agent or press four if you're not interested.

A YouMail subscriber

7/23/19, 10:49 AM

My mortgage company


7/23/19, 10:49 AM

Card Scam
Credit card accounts for the last six months. Congratulations on your excellent payment history. You now qualify for 0% interest rates on all your credit card accounts. Press one now to speak to our qualification department and complete the process press one now.


7/23/19, 10:40 AM

This is not spam. . This is Credit First .. they handle out Firestone Credit Card. They rarely leave messages but it is a legit call .. usually because you have missed a payment or letting you know about a new promotion going on.

Nana G

7/23/19, 10:39 AM

Shows up on caller ID as "wireless caller"; no response when I answer the phone & whoever it is hangs up.


7/23/19, 10:36 AM

Hi this call is from Social Security Administration. The nature behind this call is to inform you about a suspension notice. We have received against your social security number by the Federal Crime Investigation Department. We need to talk to you as soon as possible. Again this call is from Social Security Administration number to reach department is (415)659-9971 I repeat it's (415)659-9971 thank you.


7/23/19, 10:35 AM

Why did this ring through?

A YouMail subscriber

7/23/19, 10:34 AM

Texting saying the have a secret. Money I can get and don’t pay back. It’s a web site link that trying to steal information.

Tonjalin Samuel

7/23/19, 10:25 AM

They are a solar company and call from multiple numbers they also use phone number 805-254-8241 they are relentless them bastages


7/23/19, 10:24 AM

Interest rate scam
To reach you. This is your final courtesy call before we are unable to lower your credit card interest rates. Press one to speak to the member services department or press two and your eligibility to lower your rate will expire.


7/23/19, 10:23 AM

Unwanted solicitation

A YouMail subscriber

7/23/19, 10:20 AM

Robocall Scams

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