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Name: S********
Company: S********
Category: Consultants and Information

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(888) 222-4227

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A YouMail subscriber says...

3/16/17 5:04 PM

Wrong number
Reported Caller Name: Car Payment

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

11/7/16 1:14 PM

Wrong number
Reported Caller Name: Car Payment

A YouMail subscriber says...

9/10/16 1:03 PM

Annoying, but not a spammer. If they are calling it's because you (or someone who possibly used you as a credit reference) have an account with them. They deal with a lot of higher risk borrowers, so they get rather annoying with the phone calls to remind you to pay... but not illegal.
Reported Caller Name: Santander Consumer Credit

Leah_diane999 says...

5/9/14 8:56 PM

Finance/auto loan company. My car loan is thru them..not spam..unless you don't pay your car note..lol.
Reported Caller Name: SANTANDER FINANCE

A YouMail subscriber says...

1/28/14 7:27 AM

Rude annoying people. ..

A YouMail subscriber says...

12/31/13 5:28 AM

Santander is not a spam remove t spam please

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

6/14/13 12:36 PM

Worst customer service ever. Harassing collection calls every day for the smallest amounts. Horrible company
Reported Caller Name: Santander consumer USA

L8te9ight says...

3/1/13 11:58 AM

Auto loan debt collectors

A YouMail subscriber says...

2/18/13 3:45 PM

Legit debtor - harassing collection calls daily

BigLouie says...

12/19/12 6:45 AM

Auto loan collection
Reported Caller Name: Santadair

MaggiErisian says...

11/21/12 10:24 AM

turns out they bought out one of the banks we do business with

A YouMail subscriber says...

10/3/12 6:41 AM

Do they need to call 47 times in one day really?

wfro reported as spam and says...

9/22/12 6:37 AM

Stop calling home all the time
Reported Caller Name: Willie

A YouMail subscriber says...

8/14/12 10:37 AM

More than 5 calls a day!?
Reported Caller Name: annoyed

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

8/12/12 10:26 AM

Call to much i hate this company

A YouMail subscriber reported as spam and says...

8/6/12 11:12 AM

Too many calls from this number
Reported Caller Name: Debt collector

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